The Exaggerated Epoch

of Edward O'Hare

My role on TEEEO was lead artist, specifically working on:
- rigging and animating in Maya
- visual effects using Unity Particle Systems and URP Shader Graphs
- C# Scripting for Unity and Python Scripting for Maya
- Modeling of the main character and enemies
- Keeping up documentation for naming conventions, color palettes, style guides, references, etc.
I worked closely with programmers and designers in order to hook up animations and tie in VFX.


My role on Blackout was VFX artist and Animator, specifically working on:

- rigging and animating in Maya

- visual effects using UE4 Particle Systems and Material Graphs

This project was part of the Ubisoft Game Competition while I was studying abroad in Montreal. There were many challenges that we had to overcome such as using Unreal Engine for the first time, creating a fully networked game, and more prominantly, switching from in person production to virtual as Covid hit and we had to leave Montreal. Even with that bump in the road, we still kept up meetings over discord and planned each sprint accordingly, such that we still had a game we were proud of by the end of the semester.

Various Game Jams

My role on any game jam I enter is general artist, specifically working on:

- 3D and 2D art assets

- Unity URP Shader Graphs

- Designing a unique game concept that fits the theme of the jam

- Basic programming to assist programmers with tasks

- Setting up a good looking page to present the game

Working on game jams has been greatly beneficial to me since it grants me an opportunity to learn new skills quickly and creating a game from nothing in only a weekend is such a great feeling. Especially when I enjoy playing the games myself!