Blog 3: New freelancer!

26 March 2021

We recently brought on a new member to the team. Michelle! She has been doin some 2D art for morketing purposes and some programming to assist anyone who is overwhelmed with their current tasks. So far, her work has been incredile and her work ethic is greatly appreciated. She quickly made her way through the documents to learn about the game and get caught up.

On my side of things, I have been chugging along getting VFX and animations implemented. It makes such a great difference to see effects happening when attacking and doing anything in general. Especially since the particles we use for the VFX are little building blocks, it all ties in quite nicely. There is still a lot that needs to be done to make it feel right.

Currently, the issue is that we dont spawn in vfx, we activate and deactivate them. If we deactivate a particle before it is done, it will just dissapear, looking completely wrong and out of place. The main one is for attacking. We want a slight explosion of particles when you hit something, but I only have about .5 seconds to let the whole particle show play out. That is not nearly enough time. So next sprint, I should be able to work a programmer to allow the VFX to work correctly. There is also VFX made for the boss so that should also be in next sprint. Get ready for a BEAUTY UPDATE!

Overall, things are still looking really good, work is getting done, and we are on track to create a truly amazing story-heavy experience.