Blog 2: New features coming to fruition"/> Blog 2: New features coming to fruition"/>

Blog 2: New features coming to fruition

1 March 2021

As the last sprint has ended, we have started getting all our ideas together to get a nearly perfect image of what we are looking for as a final product.

For me, this means knowing all the enemy and character models we need which we did not know last sprint. This gives me all the tasks I will need until the end of the semester which is hugely reasurring. The highlights of the rest of my tasks are:

- 2nd Toy character model (Edwards wife Heather)

- 3rd enemy model (A ranged "Furby"-type toy)

- Animating both

- Helping programmers implement all the art

This list of tasks helps direct my each sprint and will help the dip in work that the entire team has been feeling since we have a lot of features to add but didn't know where to go from here. Now we have tasks for making the 3rd enemy work and incorporating cutscenes that include the wifes toy character.

On the slightly less positive side of things, there has been a lack in communnication between our 3 subteams that has caused us all to not know what other team-members need. We have been working hard to fix this problem and hopefully this sprint, that will all be figured out. We are making good progress but it is still noticable.